Karen O’Reilly was born, raised and educated as a massage therapist in China where she also represented the Chinese national badminton team. In 2000 Karen moved to the Republic of Ireland and became an Irish citizen where she was Ireland’s number one badminton player for over 10 years. Karen has won many international tournaments representing Ireland including the New Zealand, Slovakia, Welsh and Irish opens. She attained a highest world ranking of 32 in doubles and 51 in singles. Karen alsoqualified for the doubles badminton in the Greek Olympics in 2004.

Karen herself got seriously injured, snapping her Achilles tendon during the Hungry Open Badminton tournament in 2002. Requiring key hole surgery, this put her competitive badminton on hold. After her surgery, Karen received extensive massage therapy which enabled her to continue a career in badminton. This encouraged Karen to gain further education in massage therapy in both Ireland and China where she gained international massage therapy experience helping the Irish National Soccer team and a number of Irish rugby clubs. Karen was also the massage therapist for a number of police stations in Ireland and has worked on many international celebrities. Karen moved to the USA in 2014 and gained her California (CAMTC) certification in July 2014. Karen is looking forward to helping people get relief from injuries for many years at the Vanderhoof Sports Wellness Institute.

We’ve been going to see Dr. Aaron for nearly a year. He really cares about trying to get your body moving the way it aught to. I don’t feel quite the same if I miss my weekly appointment. Part of the reason visits are so effective is that a (very good) masseuse will get the blood flowing and the muscles loosened before Dr. Aaron gives your your cracks. Highly recommended.
— Brian B.