Update on Email Phishing/Spoofing Scam Using Our Name

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Dr. Aaron Vanderhoof I run a physical medicine office located in downtown Palo Alto California. Apparently someone has taken our public name, address and phone number offline and used it in a sort of "false receipt" that has been sent out all across the country. We don't know if we were targeted because we are a medical office or due to our outstanding reputation in this community or if it was just completely random.

What we do know:

1) We were not "hacked" and your information was not taken from us to generate the E-mail you recived.

2) The items “charged” are supposedly from Ikea, Nike, and gaming co and about ranging from $30-$60 in amount but after contacting these company’s they have no record of any sale

3) You have most likely not been charged anything at this point

4) What we are told is they most likely are trying to get you to click on the "verify transaction"button  and we are told this is how they will get your prudent information. That being said we caution you to do this and strongly recommend it is truly "Paypal" not "Pavypal" as shown in header of the example below:


You can learn more about these techniques ("spoofing" disguises the email and "phishing" tries to bait people into clicking and providing info") here:



Paypal can investigate your claim but again after looking into this we have found that PayPal is not able to do much because it's not actually going through their services.


We have attached a few examples of the emails you may have received. You can report at spoof@paypal.com.

We are in this together and it is fair to assume if you got an e-mail than you are in a data base that these crooks have obtained. We are here to help and want to reach out to make sure more people do not fall victim to this scam. Unfortunately, we are a medical office and not affiliated with PayPal, nor can we provide legal recourse. All we can do is 1) assure our clients that their data is safe 2) point victims in the right direction.

We will let you if we find out any thing further or find out a course of action that would lead to the conviction of the people responsible for this scam.   

Yours In Health,

Aaron Vanderhoof