About Alex

Alex was born and raised in Ukraine USSR by his grandparents, on a shore of a slow moving river in between green rolling hills. One one of the neighboring hills sat his grandparents' house, just above the local rowing club. It was this club where Alex's love for water sports started and where he spent most of his days. Years later, Alex attended Young Couch college, where he studied electrical and mechanical engineering in San Petersburg USSR and later a school of Massage in San Francisco.

In his career as a massage therapist, he often works with rowers and paddlers, a local bicycle club and the Russian Olympic rowing team during their summer training camp.

Extremely happy to be working at VSWI, Alex feels at home helping patients to avoid injuries and get back on track quick after injuries.

When he's not in the office, you can usually find him rowing, kayaking, biking, roller skiing, or swimming.

I enjoy working with Alex — he’s extremely knowledgable, pathic, funny, and most of all, affective.
— Mary S.