Devon Cajuste

Devon Cajuste

Dr. Aaron has been a huge component for me in the last few months with getting my body right. He has helped alleviate many issues that I've had either bothering me or have been accumulated through wear and tear over the years. I contribute, in part, my ability to running that the 3 cone time at the combine to him. Thank you again for everything you have done and being more than just a Chiropractor.

Stanford's Wide Receiver and 2016 NFL Draft Player

Molly Fox

Molly Fox

I have been in the fitness industry for over 30 years, leading classes, workshops, etc.. My body has been under heavy use for a long time and so I have seen my share of Chiropractors in my career. Dr. Vanderhoof's office is the best overall experience i have ever had. I mean ever. From the warm welcome at the door, to the honest true care and concern that I get better. i won't go anywhere else for my overused body, because I feel better.

Doris Steere

As an endurance athlete of many years, I constantly put my body through the ringer and overuse injuries tend to come with the territory. With Dr. Aaron's aggressive sessions coupled with Daniel's massage expertise (the man's a healer!), I'm happy to say that I not only showed up up to the starting line of Augusta 70.3 (a victory in itself), but I ended up with a personal record to boot! I owe it all to Vanderhoof Sports and Wellness Institute and I encourage anyone -- no matter your ailment -- to give them a visit. You won't be disappointed.

Susan F

I had a tight neck for many years.  Thought it was something I just had to live with.  After a visit with Dr. Aaron I could turn my head, without pain, further than I had in years.  After a few more visits I found many more benefits including relief from neck and back pain, greater range of motion, and better sleep at night. He's efficient and good.  Go see him

Kate O

Dr. Aaron is AMAZING.  He is smart, knowledgeable, and truly intuitive when it comes to understanding the human body.  In addition, he is great with people.  Every time I see him he is genuine and attentive.  He works intently with each patient, always giving 110% to make sure you leave his office feeling in better shape than when you walked in.

Michael L

Dr. Annette Baghdasarian has been excellent in helping me manage my body and scoliosis. I always leave feeling more confident and ready to tackle the world. She does alignments and treats my muscles, posture, and suggests exercises to do to alleviate discomfort. I love my visits here and their approach to treatment.


Dr. Aaron is more than a chiropractor. He is gifted when it comes to assessing and providing treatment. Dr. Aaron's motto is being there to serve. It comes from the heart. And it shows. Whether your needs are simply maintenance adjustments or you have exhausted all other options, call and make your appointment today. You will wish you had done it sooner.....see you there!

Jaclyn F


Dr. Aaron never ceases to amaze me. I abuse my body through exercise, pregnancy, and general child-rearing and Dr. Aaron always fixes me right up. Not only does he make time for me when I urgently need him but he is so caring. He doesn't want to just align me and send me on my way; he wants to know how I got the problem so that we can find a long-term solution. He's friendly and professional, and I recommend him to everyone (as long as they don't take my appointment!)

Cory R

Dr Aaron is one of a kind!

Dr Aaron is one of a kind! From my very first visit, he impressed me. I had been dealing with low back pain for months before I finally went to see him. At my first visit he took the time to listen to my complaints. (which were many!) He was very upbeat and confident that he could help me. I am happy to say he was right! It has been a journey, one that neither of us could have expected, but he has been so positive, motivational and helpful. I just can't say enough positive about him.

Joe Kelso

A.R.T Massage

I see Daniel Morales at Dr. A's chiropractic for pain relief & tension reduction of my muscles/connective tissues, joints and nerves. He's my miracle worker for breaking up scar tissue and shortened "tight" muscles. I consider myself a serious ultra runner with many muscle/joint complaints..I highly endorse his skill set for natural & instant pain relief. I run and race with confidence as Daniel and Dr A are a big part of my success. Thanks guys!

Krystyna Hutcheson

The Best

I have been going to Dr.Aaron for a couple of years now. He has been the best chiropractor i have met. He is has been a big part of my healthcare team. He has made my second pregnancy a lot more pleasurable. He kept my back in line during my second pregnancy. Dr.Aaron is great when it comes to being fitted in the schedule when it the schedule is fully booked.

Brian B

Great Chiropractor with Great Masseuses

We've been going to see Dr. Aaron for nearly a year. He really cares about trying to get your body moving the way it aught to. I don't feel quite the same if I miss my weekly appointment. Part of the reason visits are so effective is that a (very good) masseuse will get the blood flowing and the muscles loosened before Dr. Aaron gives your your cracks. Highly recommended.


Above the rest

Chiropractors are mostly the same. You come in, they do the routine crack and you leave. Dr. Vanderhoof is different. He and his intelligent staff take the time to understand your unique issue and create a battle plan to conquer it. After 4 years of dealing with the pain of 2 severely herniated discs I'm finally starting to regain strength and live pain free. The choice is easy, these guys are pros.

Olivia W

Best Chiropractor

Dr. Aaron and his team are extremely knowledgeable and geniually care about their patients. I have been seeing Dr. Aaron the past 3 months due to sciatica and back pain caused by my pregnancy and he has provided me with great pain relief. I am thrilled to be seeing such a wonderful chiropractor.

Tami C

Best Chiropractor Ever

Referred to Dr. Vanderhoof by Bryan, incredible massage therapist, for migraine, tension relief and general adjustments about a year ago. Wary after numerous meh experiences with other chiropractors. One of the best decisions I've ever made. Techniques are advanced and quality of care exceptional. Bedside manner is not typical and not for everyone except people like me who appreciate his style. Staff is also talented and personable. Thank you, Dr. Vanderhoof.

Maria P.

Dr Vanderhoof is a gift sent from heaven. Since my tibial plateau ORIF and MCL repair I have developed heterotopic ossification (or calcification) on the MCL repair site. After many weeks or very very painful PT I am still having great difficulty in bending my knee so I am now scheduled for an MUA (manipulation under anesthesia) and hardware removal to see if it will help.

In the meantime, I visited Dr V. for an alternative opinion. Aaron is extremely knowledgeable and was instantly on top of my rare situation. He genuinely cares about his patients and is passionate about solving your problem. His touch is just right, not too strong not too soft. He doesn’t put you through unnecessary pain and when the painful times come he will be sure to help you relax through it. During my first visit he adjusted my whole body for overall balance and then focused on my knee. I left his office in complete utter bliss!

Aaron is interested in your overall care. With his help we have made a plan on how to work together with my surgeon and my physiotherapists to rehab my knee after my MUA in order to gain and maintain the best possible range of motion.

Doctor of Genetics – Stanford Cancer Research Dept.

Christina Aronstam

Whether you’re looking for injury recovery, or just a minor adjustment, Dr. Aaron is one of the BEST in the business! Without doubt, he is the most talented chiropractic practitioner that I’ve worked with.

I think that the major difference is that Dr. Aaron wants to see results in his clients as much as you want to see the results. He is extremely knowledgeable and detail oriented, and with him, you’ll get the individualized care that you want and need.

I’m a physical therapist, massage therapist, and certified athletic trainer – I’m well versed in the health, aches/pains of the human body, and the various modalities to fix them – and Dr. Aaron is my first call.

If you want someone that is professional and committed to helping you achieve your health goals,Dr. Aaron will listen and work with you so that you can achieve feeling 150%.

Physical Therapist – Carolina Panthers (NFL)

Helena Sol and Rosalina

I own a restaurant down the street from Equinox. I heard there was a new guy working there who was pretty amazing. I also heard that Dr. Aaron worked with the athletic community, so when my 83 year old mom was having a hard time walking, due to her hip replacement, I didn’t know if he would be the right guy to help her.

He was great with her. He was very present, and had a gentle and confident approach. After her first visit, she continued coming twice a week for the next three week. We are now at the beginning of our fourth week of treatment, and my mom has never felt better.

I can’t say I remember the last time I saw her move the way she is now. She is even starting to do light yoga and stretching. It is as if Dr. Aaron took ten years off her body.

I now have my fifteen-year-old daughter see him for her softball rotator cuff injury and some mid back soreness. Dr. Aaron is an incredible, knowledgeable doctor with a great sense of humor. He is compassionate and very caring. I’m so pleased Dr. Aaron is a new member of our community. I plan to have my family and I, see him routinely for overall wellness. I highly recommend him! Thank you doctor, I am very grateful for you in my family’s life and look forward to working with you in the years to come.

Owners – Viva Del Sol Restaurant