Maria P.

Dr Vanderhoof is a gift sent from heaven. Since my tibial plateau ORIF and MCL repair I have developed heterotopic ossification (or calcification) on the MCL repair site. After many weeks or very very painful PT I am still having great difficulty in bending my knee so I am now scheduled for an MUA (manipulation under anesthesia) and hardware removal to see if it will help.

In the meantime, I visited Dr V. for an alternative opinion. Aaron is extremely knowledgeable and was instantly on top of my rare situation. He genuinely cares about his patients and is passionate about solving your problem. His touch is just right, not too strong not too soft. He doesn’t put you through unnecessary pain and when the painful times come he will be sure to help you relax through it. During my first visit he adjusted my whole body for overall balance and then focused on my knee. I left his office in complete utter bliss!

Aaron is interested in your overall care. With his help we have made a plan on how to work together with my surgeon and my physiotherapists to rehab my knee after my MUA in order to gain and maintain the best possible range of motion.

Doctor of Genetics – Stanford Cancer Research Dept.