Helena Sol and Rosalina

I own a restaurant down the street from Equinox. I heard there was a new guy working there who was pretty amazing. I also heard that Dr. Aaron worked with the athletic community, so when my 83 year old mom was having a hard time walking, due to her hip replacement, I didn’t know if he would be the right guy to help her.

He was great with her. He was very present, and had a gentle and confident approach. After her first visit, she continued coming twice a week for the next three week. We are now at the beginning of our fourth week of treatment, and my mom has never felt better.

I can’t say I remember the last time I saw her move the way she is now. She is even starting to do light yoga and stretching. It is as if Dr. Aaron took ten years off her body.

I now have my fifteen-year-old daughter see him for her softball rotator cuff injury and some mid back soreness. Dr. Aaron is an incredible, knowledgeable doctor with a great sense of humor. He is compassionate and very caring. I’m so pleased Dr. Aaron is a new member of our community. I plan to have my family and I, see him routinely for overall wellness. I highly recommend him! Thank you doctor, I am very grateful for you in my family’s life and look forward to working with you in the years to come.

Owners – Viva Del Sol Restaurant