Dr. Salma Dabiri M.D.

Being a physician, I have had limited knowledge and exposure to chiropractic work. But when I hurt my left foot from an increase in my running regimen, the staff at Equinox told me about, and highly recommended, Dr. Aaron. A little skeptical at first, now I am very happy they did. His extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and approach of integrating physical therapy, biomechanics, soft tissue therapy, and structural and functional taping and bracing are exceeding my expectationsand expediting my recovery process. I don’t think I would go to any other chiropractor, but Aaron is obviously not just “another chiropractor.” Dr. Aaron is the first person I think about for any musculoskeletal disorders, and I highly recommend him.

Erick Martinez

I teach TRX classes and Aaron is one of my students. When I found out that he was a chiropractor, working for Equinox, I thought he might be able to help me with my sore lower back, caused by a recent increase in my physical regiment. I had been to other chiropractors in the past. They were great, and had helped me work through some minor pains. But to put it simply, Dr. Aaron was better. After patiently and attentively listing to my extensive history, he not only eliminated my low back pain with one visit, but he was able to offer me insight about old injuries that I wouldn’t even have thought to ask a chiropractor about.

I recommend Dr. Aaron to my clients, colleges, and family members. They all seem to be very pleased with their individual experiences. I highly recommend Dr. Aaron.

Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer – Equinox Gym 

Christina Aronstam

I think that the major difference is that Dr. Aaron wants to see results in his clients as much as you want to see the results. He is extremely knowledgeable and detail oriented, and with him, you’ll get the individualized care that you want and need.

If you want someone that is professional and committed to helping you achieve your health goals, Dr. Aaron will listen and work with you so that you can achieve feeling 150%.

Don and Gillian

Dr. Aaron is nothing short of amazing at his job. He is a chiropractor, physical therapist, physician and sports therapist in one. Don and I see Aaron weekly to diagnose, treat, and progress our physical ailments; to keep us on the road; and help us recover from ultra marathon’s such as “Bad Water.” He seems to have an educated answer and treatment for almost every injury. I recommend him to all our customers, from the most extreme athletes to recreational runner.

Owners – Zombie Running Store

Ray Kang

He was very straight forwarded with me, explaining everything in detail before he adjusted me. He told me what he could do to help me, and most importantly, what he could not help with. When he did lay his hands on me I could tell he was very confident at his craft. Even after the first treatment, I experienced significant results. He used Kinesio Tape on my ribs for stabilization and to take some of the stress off my muscles. I’m certain I healed faster due to Dr. Aaron’s adjustments.

Dr. Ehmar M.D.

This guy knows his stuff! He is a standup practitioner, and I implicitly trust him. He is board certified and able to do Physiotherapy for my pre and post-surgical patients. Although Dr. Aaron is not a surgeon, he understands what we do, and has a great sense of how to co-manage with M.D.’s. All the patients I send to him eventually thank me for it. He is very dynamic, and short of surgery, this is the Doctor to go to in the greater bay area.