Erick Martinez

I teach TRX classes and Aaron is one of my students. When I found out that he was a chiropractor, working for Equinox, I thought he might be able to help me with my sore lower back, caused by a recent increase in my physical regiment. I had been to other chiropractors in the past. They were great, and had helped me work through some minor pains. But to put it simply, Dr. Aaron was better. After patiently and attentively listing to my extensive history, he not only eliminated my low back pain with one visit, but he was able to offer me insight about old injuries that I wouldn’t even have thought to ask a chiropractor about.

I recommend Dr. Aaron to my clients, colleges, and family members. They all seem to be very pleased with their individual experiences. I highly recommend Dr. Aaron.

Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer – Equinox Gym