Christina Aronstam

Whether you’re looking for injury recovery, or just a minor adjustment, Dr. Aaron is one of the BEST in the business! Without doubt, he is the most talented chiropractic practitioner that I’ve worked with.

I think that the major difference is that Dr. Aaron wants to see results in his clients as much as you want to see the results. He is extremely knowledgeable and detail oriented, and with him, you’ll get the individualized care that you want and need.

I’m a physical therapist, massage therapist, and certified athletic trainer – I’m well versed in the health, aches/pains of the human body, and the various modalities to fix them – and Dr. Aaron is my first call.

If you want someone that is professional and committed to helping you achieve your health goals, Dr. Aaron will listen and work with you so that you can achieve feeling 150%.

Physical Therapist – Carolina Panthers (NFL)