Ray Kang

I had gotten good feedback from colleges and members when Dr. Aaron joined our team. Even so, never having gone to a chiropractor before, I had some reservations. Then I had the nasty snowboarding crash.

After seeing the medical doctor, resting for a few days, and getting some prescription meds, I still had significant pain and difficulty with all ranges of motion in my mid back. I also had a very hard time taking a deep breath.

I broke down and went to see Dr. Aaron for the first time. He immediately put me at ease. He seemed like a “very normal guy” with a lot of knowledge about the body. He was very straight forwarded with me, explaining everything in detail before he adjusted me. He told me what he could do to help me, and most importantly, what he could not help with. When he did lay his hands on me I could tell he was very confident at his craft. Even after the first treatment, I experienced significant results. He used Kinesio Tape on my ribs for stabilization and to take some of the stress off my muscles. I’m certain I healed faster due to Dr. Aaron’s adjustments.

Later, I opted to see Dr. Aaron weekly while I trained for a marathon. I wanted to address performance enhancing and musculature rehabilitation.

I am very happy. Dr. Aaron is part of our team here at Equinox; not only for my own personal physical health, but I believe he is a great resource for our members. He helps us all stay healthy and active.

Regional Manager – Equinox Gym Palo Alto