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Vanderhoof Sports & Wellness Institute was established in Palo Alto CA in 2008 by
Dr. Aaron Vanderhoof. While pursuing an internal medical license, Dr. Aaron discovered that there was a huge need for quality focused physical medicine. He found that many patients who sustained either a chronic or acute injury or recovering post-op were confused and had a hard time knowing where to turn. This need became a source of purpose and drive for Dr. Aaron and fueled his new venture.

VSWI made its debut in a small 350 square foot office located in downtown Palo Alto. After getting turned down from financial institutions, Dr. Aaron humbly turned to his biggest supporter and his Grandma loaned him a small sum of money to help him get his start. Dr. Aaron used the money to purchase a table and a desk from Craigslist. It has been through the continued support and trust of his patients that Dr. Aaron and his associates have been able to serve the peninsula as the premier clinic in physical rehab. 


Vanderhoof Sports & Wellness Institute offers a high standard of multidisciplinary health care to the community while educating individuals how to take care of their own health needs outside of our facility.