We now offer professional bike fitting!

Triathletes, roadies, newbies and everyone between: we have some exciting news to share!! We're partnering with Fit Endurance Coaching to offer premiere bike fitting right here at VSWI.

Cycling can be a great activity for people to participate in through out their lifetime. It is great for your cardiovascular system and it's a non-impact activity-- meaning it puts very little stress on bones, joints, and ligaments. As long as your bicycle is properly fit to your specific body, there is no reason you can’t enjoy pain free cycling for a life time.

When people arrive complaining about pain with cycling, a red flag immediately goes up in my mind.  With cycling, pain most likely means improper bike fit. To the lay person, a bike may not seem very complicated to set up. To an expert, however, this is not the case.

There are an infinite number of adjustments that can me made on a bicycle. Knee pain could mean a seat is to high or too low, too far forward or two far backward. Pain with the saddle could mean the seat is tilted too far up or too far down. People complaining of neck or shoulder pain may be in need of adjustment of the height or reach of the handlebars or aero bars. Those who ride with cycling specific shoes could need their cleats placed properly on their shoes. The problems don’t stop there. Bike fit works to both treat and prevent injuries and if your bike is fit properly, you likely won’t develop an injury in the first place.

A proper bike fit not only relieves those nagging ailments, but also allows you to reach your potential by accessing the correct muscles, making you more efficient, and helping harness your power. Bike fit can have a big effect on aerodynamics and speed -- for those training for a race, we all know this is paramount!

Fit Endurance Coaching uses industry leading protocols along with your personal feedback to generate the best, most efficient position for you. Each fit is individual and relies heavily on rider interaction and communication to provide you with a personalized and professional fit service. Unlike many "fitters", we start at the cleat and move up, ensuring every last detail is accounted for. 

Whether you're training for an event or simply going out for a leisurely ride, do yourself a favor and let us help dial in your fit before you hit the road. Not only will you enjoy the ride more, you’ll also avoid injuries and increase performance. Win, win, win.

Contact us for more information or to book your fit!