text neck

Got Text-Neck?

Are smartphones a pain in the neck? According to new research carried out by a US doctor, they are far worse – “text neck” is becoming an epidemic that could lead to permanent damage.

We've been hearing a lot about this issue lately. With the constant rise of technology and gadgets we tend to neglect our bodies and it's no surprise we ignore the damage we might be causing. Huffington Post wrote an article about the force we're placing on our spines while texting, Facebooking, Yelping, etc., on the go. "When you tilt your head forward 60 degrees to look at your phone, you're putting 60 pounds of pressure on your neck..." And, as you bend your head down to look at the phone in your hands, the pressure on your neck gets stronger and stronger. We don't expect you to toss out your iPhones, iPads, Androids, and the like, but we urge you to be mindful of the harm that you might be inflicting.

Here are a few ways you can help prevent neck pain:

1. Use voice recognition while texting or trade your text for an old-school phone call

2. Take regular breaks and change your head positions

3. Checkout the "Text Neck" app for the Android, which offers "immediate real time feedback" about whether your standing in the correct posture, indicated by a green or red light.  There's also an optional vibration or beep reminder, when you lapse into bad habits.  Best of all, according to the doctor, it actually tracks your slouching/standing patterns and offers an average score.  So, you or your doctor can look back at the data and make sure your score doesn't drop below 85% -- the standard.

Perform these simple exercises throughout the day:

1. Sit up or stand up and look straight ahead.

2. Turn your head to the left and look over the left shoulder; hold position for five seconds, then release it. Repeat on the right side.

3. Raise your shoulders up to your ears; hold for five seconds, then release.

4. Circle your shoulders: Roll your shoulders towards the chest a total of 5 times; now, roll shoulders towards the back.

Your best bet for avoiding neck pain is by keeping your spine and posture maximized and healthy. Regular chiropractic care is ideal for this. Come on in and see us, we'd love to help. You can book online, but remember to look up afterwards!

Yours in health, 
The team at VSWI