Kinesio Taping: How to tape the calf

Up next in our kinesio tape video series is the calf. 

Calf pain is a common occurrence in sports that involve running, jumping, and landing. The calf is made of three major muscles: the two gastrocnemius muscles (medial and lateral), and the soleus muscle which all attach to the Achilles tendon. 

Calf injuries can occur to both muscle and tendon structures. They are commonly caused by excessive forces during explosive contraction, eccentric control loading or when your calf muscles fatigue.

Calf pain can be alleviated by using kinesio tape (correctly, of course). Dr. Aaron gives a demonstration on how to properly tape your own calf.

If you missed our brief overview of taping, we recommend watching it first in order to grasp the basics and make sure you have the right tools.

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Video Series: Kinesio Taping & How to Tape the Foot

We're excited to launch the first of several how-to videos. While we plan to cover a range of topics, our first series will be focused on the art of kinesio taping. We are huge fans of Rocktape, however any kinesio tape will work. It's important that you truly understand how to apply the tape correctly as to not cause complications. Once you grasp the basics, it's just a matter of applying them in the right capacity.

We're gonna start at the bottom of the body and work our way up. Up first, Dr. Aaron demonstrates how to properly tape a foot for plantar fasciitis, dropped arches, achilles sprains strains, heel spurs, or any foot disability. 

We've got awesome pink or black VSWI x Rocktape tape here at the office for $20 a roll, so stop by and pick up a roll and we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Up next: Calf Taping

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